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Rhinoceros4.0 Service Release version

The Hayabusa plug-in require the version of Rhinoceros4.0 SR6 or more. If it doesn't work,check your Service Release version.

Hayabusa icon doesn't appear in Rhinoceros


It is a cause that a plug-in tool is not correctly installed in the Rhinoceros4.0 side.


  1. Create Hayabusa folder
  2. When Hayabusa folder is not created in Rhino's Plug-in folder,
    Create Hayabusa folder under the Rhino's Plug-in folder.
    You need to place Hayabusa.rhp and Haybusa.tb to this folder.
     C:\Program Files\Rhinoceros 4.0\Plug-ins\Hayabusa
  3. Copy files
  4. When Haybusa is not correctly installed, Hayabusa.rhp and Haybusa.tb are located under Hayabusa’s Plug-ins\Hayabusa folder.
    (Most of case , C:\Program Files\Hayabusa2.0\Plug-ins\Hayabusa)
    Copy Hayabusa.rhp and Haybusa.tb to the Rhino’s Plug-ins folder.

    Hayabusa.rhp The plug in file which starts renderer
    Hayabusa.tb A tool bar file to let you display Hayabusa icon 
  5. Load of plugin
  6. Then start Rhino, open the Option menu to make sure if Hayabusa.rhp is in Plug-ins folder and install it.


  7. Create Hayabusa Icon menu
  8. Click Rhino's Tools menu > Toolbar layout and select Hayabusa in the Toolbars dialog.
    If Hayabusa is not found in the Toolbar collection files, open the Open toolbar collection dialog and select Hayabusa.tb to add to the Toolbar collection files, then select it in the Toolbar collection files.


  9. Hayabusa icon will appear in Rhino.
  10. Hayabusa icon:left mouse click start Hayabusa renderer
    Hayabusa icon:right mouse click open option window

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