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Tech Spec

System Requirements


Windows 2000SP4 or later)XPSP1 or later)Vista


Intel Pentium42.0GHz or higher)Dual core or more recommended


1GB or more needed 2GB or more recommended

Graphics Card

Realtime raytrace renderer(512MB or higher)

High Quality Renderer(256MB or higher)

Standard Renderer


8600 or higher

6600 or higher


Intel845G Chipset


FX1700 or higher

FX3400 or higher

ATI Radeon

HD4850 or higher

X1600 or higher


V8600 or higher

Pro V3700 or higher


DirectX9.0c Shader3



3 button mouse (wheel available)

Web Browser

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6 or later

Run System Checker

  1. After Installation of Hayabusa completed, "SystemChecker(Hayabusa 2.0)" will be added at the Program menu of Rhinoceros 4.0.
  2. Run "SystemChecker(Hayabusa 2.0)" then, you can check whether your PC's environment satisfy Hayabusa's System requirments.

OS and Service Package requirment

  • Windows 2000 SP4 or upper
  • Windows XP SP1 or upper
  • Windows VISTA
  • Windows 7

Note:Windows95, 98, ME is not available
Note:Hayabusa is 32bit application, it runs on 64 bit OS.

Chack your OS and Service Package

You can check your OS and Service pack at computer>properties>System.
Download and update your service package if necessary.

Check Video (GPU) Card

Hayabusa requires Video Card (GPU) supprts "DirectX9 and Shader V2" or upper.
VRAM requires at more than 256MB when use HDR(High Dynamic Range) mode.

【check 1】

XP:Click right mouse button at the desktop then execute 「properties」>「setting」>「Advanced settings」
Vista:Click right mouse button at the desktop then execute 「personalize」>「display」>「change display settings」> 「Advanced settings」

【check 2】

Check your Video Card on "Hayabusa 2.0 available Video Card matrix".
Hayabusa 2.0 available Video Card matrix

Check Direct X version

Hayabusa does not work without DirectX9.0c or upper.
Check your Direct X version as follows.

How to check DirectX version

From the desktop click: Start > Run (or windows key + r).
In the blank text field of the window that appears type “dxdiag” without the quotes.
Press run or hit enter. Another window should appear titled DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
Download and update your DirectX if necessary.

The latest Direct X download site is here.

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