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Trouble Shooting

Initializing Hayabusa

If you click Hayabusa Icon with pressing CTRL key, Hayabusa will satrat up with default setting, at this time, System Checker also appears.

Hayabusa crashes soon after startup

【check 1】

Run System Checker then check your environment. →Tech Spec


【check 2】

Check your video card.→Tech Spec

Hayabusa 2.0 available Video Card matrix

【check 3】

Hayabusa 2.0 may require the latest technology of DirectX and Windows. If the version of driver does not match Hayabusa shows DirectX runtime error. You can dwonload the latest drivers of NVIDIA and AMD.

Download NVIDIA Graphics Driver
Download ATI Graphics Driver

Note: Note: We strongly recommend that you make sure that your other application support the updated driver before downloading it. We can not assume the responsibility for possible damage or issues your CAD application may have because of the updated driver.

Hayabusa is not launched from Rhinoceros


It happens when execute path is not correctly specified to Hayabusa executable file.


Right click Hayabusa Icon to show Hayabusa Export Option dialog. Check "wake-up-setting" > Hayabusa directoly.


C:\Program Files\Hayabusa\hayabusa.exe

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